Welcome to the LPG Computer Fundamentals Tips & Tutorials Website

This website is designed for students wishing to expand their knowledge in OpenOffice/LibreOffice with more tips and tutorials. Because OpenOffice and LibreOffice are almost identical in interface and function and the fact that OpenOffice is currently a more recognized name, OpenOffice will be the general name used to refer to both of these free office suit program throughout these tips and tutorials. Any dramatic differences between these two programs concerning the content covered here will be identified.

Four modules of OpenOffice/LibreOffice are covered here:

  • Writer - the word processor program
  • Impress - the slide show program
  • Draw - the drawing and illustration program
  • Calc - the spreadsheet program

Two of the modules, Calc and Writer, will contain standard type tutorials but the focus for Draw and Impress will lean towards a more creative process rather than standard functions which is why Draw has been included. This follows students requests for tips on designing creative projects like flyers, posters, logos, nicer slide shows, etc. Because we don't get a chance to cover many topics that go beyond the basics in class this website will focus more on the creative components particular of Draw and Impress.

Also to be included in this website are tutorials on a free, open source, image editing program called "GIMP" (GNU Image Manipulation Program). Many students have requested lessons on touching up pictures from digital cameras and other devices. To enhance and modify images an image editing program is required and the GIMP program will be all that most students will ever need to touch up their images.

Current tutorials:

How the Tutorials Work

To go to a an OpenOffice/LibreOffice tutorial choose one of the OpenOffice/LibreOffice programs from the OpenOffice button at the top of the page or click on the GIMP button for that tip/tutorial. All the tip/tutorials are laid out the same way. After choosing a program the page will change to that program's topics. The top program link at the top of the page will turn green indication which program you are in. Also, as shown here, the left side column contains navigation links to the specific topics. The specific topic chosen will have its button turned white as shown here in the example of "Topic 1" on the left column. Therefore the student will always know which tutorial they are reading. To change to another program's topic, select that program from the page's top links.

As the website was developed only recently, August 2011, there are currently only a limited number of topics. However as the year progresses new topic tips and tutorials will be added, so check back periodically. If you wish to suggest an OpenOffice/LibreOffice topic email your suggestion to